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Vinyl Lettering & Graphics work best when applied to smooth, clean surfaces. You can apply it to painted walls from smooth to light and medium texture. The vinyl will not adhere well to Stucco and sand-like textures and other rough textures. User accepts all responsibility when applying vinyl lettering & graphics. You can apply vinyl lettering to many surfaces including, smooth walls, windows, mirrors, ceramic tile, metal, glass, wallpaper, sinks, showers, doors, mailboxes, vehicles, boats and a lot more.

• Installing Vinyl Lettering & Graphics :

Installing Vinyl Lettering & Graphics is easy if you take the time to prepare your work area and have what you need at hand. Upon receipt of your vinyl lettering/graphics inspect the package to be sure your order is correct. We have included installation instructions to make the process easier for you. Unroll your letters/graphics so they lay flat for an hour or more.
Then follow the instructions below.

Your Vinyl Lettering and Graphics are pre-spaced, there are 3 layers:

* First Layer – Application tape = This holds the letters together once backing is remove during the installation process.This will be removed after the letters are attached to the surface.
* Middle Layer - your Vinyl Letters and Graphics = for your walls.
* Bottom Layer - White shiny backing paper = This will be removed during the application process to expose the adhesive side of the Vinyl Lettering and Graphics.

Materials Needed for Installation:

Squeegee or credit card
Ruler or Level
Tape Measure
Yard Stick
Masking Tape

Step 1:

Preparing your surface:

Clean the surface with a mild cleaner that will not harm the finish. Clean an area slightly larger than your vinyl graphics will need. Rinse the area with a clean damp water only cloth. Dry with a lint free cloth. I can not stress enough that the surface needs to be clean, even a little dust may keep the vinyl letters from sticking.

Step 2:

Aligning Your Vinyl Graphics on Your Surface

Locate where you want to place your Vinyl Graphics – Place a piece of masking tape approximately 3” Long on each end of the vinyl
Attach Vinyl Graphics to surface – If you are comfortable eyeballing just step back and see if it is where you want it and level – if it is not in where you want it reset left to right until it is in the desired place. After you have it set left to right check to see if it is level – you can do this either with a level or ruler/yardstick.
With a level: place your level along the edge of several matching straight letters. If it is not level loosen the masking tape at one end and adjust up and down as needed. Check with level again – repeat until level.
With a ruler/yardstick: Find a straight line on your surface above or below your vinyl graphics – measure the distance from the straight edge of several matching straight letters. If they are not the same measurement loosen the masking tape at one end and adjust up and down as needed. Check with ruler/yardstick again – repeat until both ends read the same.
Add More Masking Tape:
Add a strip of masking tape along the top of the entire length of the graphics. Take your application tool and squeegee the masking tape to the surface so it will not come loose easily – remove the two small pieces of masking tape at each end.

Step 3:

Applying the Vinyl Graphics to the Surface

The masking tape is going to act as a hinge to hold the vinyl in place as you apply. Take your first section and lift from the bottom all the way up – while holding in the up position carefully remove the backing – do not let the vinyl or application tape touch anything until you are ready. Next pull firmly out towards you and down – without the vinyl actually touching the surface yet take your application tool and starting at the top firmly squeegee the vinyl to the surface top to bottom – once the entire piece is in place squeegee again to be sure the vinyl is firmly attached to the surface. When done remove the masking tape across the top. Next slowing remove the application tape being very careful not to pick up any of the vinyl, especially the center sections of smaller letters. If a letter starts to come up while removing the application tape simply squeegee it back down firmly. Once you have removed you application tape squeegee letters again.
Dispose of all trash and you are done. Project Complete!! Enjoy your handiwork.
If you have questions about the above process please email and we will respond as soon as possible.

• Removing Vinyl Lettering & Graphics:

Freshly applied vinyl removes quite easily – just peel it off. However vinyl that has been on the surface for a period of time may require a little more effort. To remove use a sharp blade and gently pry the letters up. Larger pieces may be a little harder to remove. If difficult you can use a heat gun orblow dryer as you peel to help free the adhesive from the surface. If there is a residue left you can use goo-be-gone to remove the residue. After removing residue wipe the area with rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining residue. If you are going to repaint the area and apply new vinyl, please wait 30 days after painting to allow paint to cure to the surface.

After you place your order we will email you a proof for your approval.
Once the proof is approved we will make and ship the Year Text,
usually the same day it is approved.